Gabion is MWM (metal wire mesh) product comprised double twisted hexagonally woven steel wire mesh with zinc galvanized and PVC coated compartmented baskets with a rectangular box shape. The compartments are of equal dimension and are formed by internal diaphragms. The compartment is filled with natural stone at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures for earth retention and the diaphragms assure minimum stone migration within the basket. Thus providing even distribution of the stone even in abnormal conditions, and adding strength to the container to help retain its rectangular shape.

It is used for the following:

  • Earth control and soil conservation
  • Retaining structures/walls
  • Protection of highways/Railways
  • Barriers at the rivers
  • Bridges and culvert protection
  • Marine and seawall protection
  • Lining of steep slopes or slope protection
  • Revetments for lakes and seashores
  • Lining of canals and dams
  • Protection of islands
  • Lining behind water works discharges
  • Construction of the gravitation abutment wall
  • River training and flood control I.e.
  • Gabion aprons
  • Longitudinal works
  • Bank paving
  • Counter forts
  • Drop structures or weirs
  • Spur dikes etc
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