Rephalt is a ‘state of the art’ fill material which is used to repair potholes in asphalt and concrete. Rephalt sets as hard as asphalt following contact with water and compaction. Rephalt is environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents and is applied cold from the container. Rephalt can be used for repair jobs on all roads and motorways. It is also ideal for repairs for car parks and private driveways. Rephalt is suited for industrial areas requiring repairs, as it stands up against heavy Lorries provided the foundation is appropriate.

Application is simple and cost effective as it can be carried out by one person using the simplest equipment. Rephalt is a cold applied product and can be driven on immediately after compacting.

How to use:

Using rephalt is very easy. In 4 easy steps you can repair a pothole.

  • Clean the pothole from any loose debris or water.
  • Apply mixture to the base layer and spread out thickly with rake or trowel.
  • Sprinkle REPHALT layer with enough water – per 25 kg mixture you will need about 1 litre of water.
  • Compact the mixture well. In small patches thorough stamping will be sufficient. In larger surfaces we recommend the use of a lawnroller or a vibratory plate.
  • Slowly moving traffic will not affect the freshly compacted layer. REPHALT (POTHOLE REPAIR MATERIAL)
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