Solar Mobile Lighting Tower


Solar Mobile Lighting Tower (TAYF), is suitable for Lighting a wide range of area applications. Electricity generated from Renewable Sources makes TAYF a silently, clean, odorless, economic and environmentally power soluton.Generated electricity is stored in self-maintanind deep cycle stationary batteries. Ready for use on demand 24 hours a day.Integrating an Inverter is optional on all models.

The purpose of this option is for times when you need to power something with AC power. Because of the inverter you will use Solar Mobile Lighting Tower (TAYF) as a generator.All inverter models has AC In Plug that you easily connect to the grid/generator to charge the battery. All the models are delivered fully assembled and after rigorous testing.

TAYF is desined for Light Output for continious night work in a wide range of applications including Mining, Road works, Construction, Hazard illumination, Remote area lihgting, Civil works, Construction Site, Agriculture and Events,Concert, Festival, Meeting Areas.

We provide Solar Mobile Lighting Tower,Solar Generators,Solar Street Lights and other products.

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