Plastic Bitumen

Most of the industrial activities leave an enormous amount of waste, industries like factories, mines, and mills. Moreover, this industrial waste, city waste in the form of garbage containing non-bio degradable materials are also formed within the municipal limits.

This makes up one of the biggest pollution offenders for the environment, and it places a burden on our shoulders to assure that we dispose of them properly to save the environment for the future generation.

Utilizing abandoned plastic waste in the road construction was maybe the most important step taken toward this direction. Using waste plastic in this industry has two effects first this is a very suitable material to be used in road construction, second, it is highly cost-effective, due to the two mentioned benefits this can be one of the best ways of dealing with this problem.

This method creates two significant benefits, having roads all over the country that can connect even small villages to the cities with high quality and finding a solution to reuse a massive amount of wasted plastic.

Having proper transportation infrastructure is of the primary directives of each country since this is a vital criterion in the assessment of the country’s development.

Carrying this feature of being non-bio –degradable, makes it possible for these types of roads to last longer.

Plastic waste is like a two-sided sword if we leave them in the environment they will stay there for thousands of years which can cause many problems but the same featured material if used in road construction can have a positive effect.

The expansion in various types of industries along with an increase in population is followed by a considerable increase in generating different waste material all over the world. Combating the waste and disposal of them has always been a massive challenge for both developed and developing countries. Plastic is being used these days widely.

Only 10 % of all the produced plastic has been recycled since the 1950s. They mostly are dumped into junkyards or buried. Sadly, some of them are washed down seas through the rivers.

There is a similarity between plastic and bitumen since they are both products or by-product of petrochemicals, and they are polymers, bitumen is produced as a by-product of refining oil because of their similarity information, like long strands of molecules bound together firmly.

Due to the mentioned characteristic, plastic is durable, and it also contributes to its significant longevity. Road builders find this characteristic beneficial and useful.

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